Meet The Staff: Emma, Programmer

I seem to have a disproportionate number of photos of this lady at camp, but it’s so easy to do when she’s always surrounded by smiling campers!

Emma is a third year MKDC veteran and also holds the prestigious title of Beadmaster (we should really get her a hat). She’s our go-to programmer for anything super creative and theme-based (like last year’s Harry Potter inspired major that sparked a whole new batch of readers!) As a Child & Youth Care major at Ryerson she’s completed placements in a wide variety of settings and is a wonderful resource for other staff when it comes to working with children who have special needs.

Emma is equally comfortable in all age groups, so almost every camper will get the chance to work with her at some point. In addition to instructing most fine arts skills, she’ll also be in charge of our Podcast & Vlogging, Trackers & Treehuggers, and 2nd Camp Chef majors.

As I was writing this, my 3 year old looked over my shoulder and said, “That’s Emma! I love her.” Can’t get a better character reference than that!

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