Major: Cirque de Maple

It’s a week full of juggling, balancing, clowning, and magic. If you’ve ever wanted to be an entertainer or just the life of the party, our guest instructor will help you get there! We’ll round out the week with a mini circus performance for the other campers on Friday.

(Disclaimer: No, we’re not doing it in French! It was just a cool name.)

Instructor: Adam Zimmerman has been a featured entertainer at the Puppets Up! festival since it’s inception. With a degree in Theatre from the University of Ottawa as well as Certification in the Art of Clown from Advanced Studies – USA Virginia, he is a talented and versatile performance artist with skills in clowning, circus, balloon sculpting, puppeteering, music, and more. Adam is currently working on a new puppet production featuring giant mechanical dinosaurs.


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