How MKDC Builds Relationships

Camp friends!

One of the most important goals of MKDC is to foster self-confidence in our campers. Helping them to build healthy relationships with each other is a key ingredient.

At school, children are separated by grade, and in many cases have been with the same students since the beginning of the school careers. This often means that their social lives are built on maintaining existing relationships, and they may not have much experience with making new friends.

At camp, our campers are coming to us from a much wider area – we even have campers who spend their school year overseas! – so your child will have the opportunity to meet other children who are not already part of their existing social circle. (There’s nothing more heart-warming than watching two little girls who hit it off the year before doing a slow-motion run towards each other when they meet again at camp!)

It isn’t enough, however, that other children are simply THERE. Our schedule is designed to help foster and develop these new friendships. For example:

  • Daily opening “flag activities” to energize and break the ice
  • Daily cabin team-building and cooperative activities to help campers develop healthy group dynamics
  • Closing debrief activities to help campers synthesize and promote discussion
  • Special events that provide exciting shared experiences
  • Camp rituals such as lunch routines and campfires that help campers feel connected
  • Core Values and a bead program that promote healthy social skills in a subtle way

With the necessary skills in hand and a safe environment to practice in, any child can make friends at MKDC!

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