COVID-19 Info & FAQ

COVID-Specific Policies for Summer 2021

  • All registrations are subject to cancellation in the event that circumstances do not allow us to operate camp safely. In the event that camp is cancelled, all fees will be refunded without penalty.
  • By registering for camp, families must agree to follow all safety guidelines as outlined by the Lanark, Leeds & Grenville Health Unit.
  • A small fee (once per camper) is being applied to help cover the additional costs associated with new mandatory regulations (PPE, screening materials, etc).

The Ontario Government finally released the document that outlines the health guidelines required for camps. We are now going through the arduous process of making all necessary adjustments to meet these requirements. Items here will be updated as we do so.

Safety Policies – We will faithfully follow any and all guidelines as provided to us by the Lanark, Leeds, & Grenville District Health Unit as well as the Ontario Camping Association.

PPE – All campers and staff will be provided with medical grade masks. Masks must be worn by campers when they are inside, and outside if less than 6 ft from other campers.

Camper Groupings – All campers will be placed in cabins by MKDC according to our usual age cutoff policies. These cohorts will be kept consistent for the duration of each session. Cohorts will not mix.

Screening – All campers and staff will be required to complete a daily screening checklist.

Deposits – Standard deposit is $100 per week. In the event that camp is cancelled, you have the choice to carry your deposit forward or have it refunded.

“Camp Hopping” – We strongly discourage registering for multiple different programs for Summer 2021 as this increases the exposure risk for everyone.

Changes to Program – We are not able to offer lunch program or overnights in Summer 2021 due to Covid-related restrictions. We are also not able to offer extended care as we cannot combine cohorts for the purposes of supervision.

Program Calendar & Majors – Our programming calendar is currently being finalized and will be posted as soon as possible.

Do you have a question we haven’t answered here? Please e-mail us and we will add it. 🙂