Are we good fit?

Should you apply?

You might be a good camp staff candidate if you…

  • Are at least 16 years old
  • are pursuing a career in education, child care, recreation, social work, or any team-based environment
  • can function without your phone for hours at a time
  • have experience caring for other peoples’ children (particularly ages 4 – 12)
  • would rather be in the great outdoors than stuck in an office
  • enjoy sharing your hobbies and interests with people of all ages
  • believe that you are never done learning
  • enjoy planning games, parties, and events

Skills of Interest

We are always interested in hearing from anyone with the desire to work with us, but if you have any skills or experience in the following areas we are particularly interested in hearing from you:

  • fine arts
  • sports (both team & individual)
  • photography/videography/media
  • performing arts & music
  • wilderness/survival
  • any UNUSUAL skills – there is nothing too weird!

Please Note: Summer camp, as an industry, does not have the highest paying jobs. If your main goal for the summer is to make as much money as possible, this may not be the place for you. Most of our successful applicants are preparing for careers in a related industry and as such see the value in the quality of work experience that we have to offer in addition to salary itself.