MKDC’s Summer Activity Guide

What will your child do at camp?

The ever-increasing range of summer activities we offer is the backbone of our programming at MKDC. We constantly revise our program and schedules to achieve four goals:

  1. Provide the opportunity to try new activities and skills that campers may not have had access to before.
  2. Support camper development by offering activities that are appropriate to each age level.
  3. Find new and creative ways to allow campers to make their own choices whenever possible.
  4. Serve our campers with programming that is continually innovative, creative, surprising, & challenging.


There are four main ways that campers receive activity instruction at camp:

  1. Majors (Heartwood only) – Our oldest campers receive instruction in their chosen major for the week during the morning each day.
  2. Scheduled Activities (all age groups) – All cabin groups have some activities in their schedule with a pre-determined time and place (this is usually to ensure that all campers get access to popular activities, especially those that require specialized equipment)
  3. CYOA (Shoots & Heartwood) – An afternoon activity that campers choose from each week.
  4. Dreamworld (Sprouts) – A special choice program for our youngest campers that is scaffolded by staff but is completely child-directed.

The Activities

  • badminton
  • baseball/whiffle ball
  • basketball
  • beach volleyball
  • board & card games
  • boating
  • camp auction
  • camp craft & survival
  • carnival
  • cooking
  • cooperative games & team building
  • dance
  • dodgeball
  • drama
  • drawing & painting
  • fiber arts
  • fine art
  • flag football
  • gaga
  • handball
  • high tech
  • jewellery making
  • Kubb
  • landsports & wide games (capture the flag, etc)
  • leatherwork
  • Lego
  • lip dub
  • macrame
  • mad science
  • makerspace
  • music & singing
  • nature
  • orienteering
  • overnights
  • papercraft
  • pottery & clay work
  • rainbow loom
  • slackline
  • soccer
  • storytime
  • team building
  • tie dye
  • ultimate croquet
  • volleyball
  • water games
  • woodworking
  • yoga