MKDC’s Summer Activity Guide

What will your child do at camp?

Maple Key is known for it’s creative, one-of-a-kind programs. We challenge you to find another day camp in the area that puts the level of detail into their programming that MKDC does. This stuff is EPIC.

MKDC Campers:

  1. Try new activities and skills not available just anywhere
    (like woodworking, boating, environmental stewardship, multi-media, and survival skills)
  2. Have a specialized schedule appropriate to each age level
    (little ones don’t get scared, and older ones aren’t bored)
  3. Choose their own activities to customize the experience
    (more choice means more opportunity to let your child’s personality shine)
  4. Take part in creative, immersive storylines that put them at the centre of the adventure
    (think a live-action, story-based video game – you’re not going to find this stuff on Pinterest… because WE just created it)

How are activities structured?

Campers showing off their bags they made during the sewing major

There are four main ways that campers receive activity instruction at camp:

  1. Majors (Heartwood only) – Campers choose a major (just like college!) that makes up their entire morning each day of the week. Choices are different each week, and cover a huge range of skills and interests!
  2. Scheduled Activities (all age groups) – All cabin groups have some activities in their schedule with a pre-determined time and place (this is usually to ensure that all campers get access to popular activities, like boating)
  3. CYOA (Shoots & Heartwood) – An afternoon activity that campers choose from each week.
  4. Dreamworld (Sprouts) – A special program for our youngest campers that is scaffolded by staff but is completely camper-directed.
“Fancy Snack” is just one of the many special prizes campers can “buy” during our popular Camp Auction special event.

Who’s running the activities?

Our staff have a very important role during special events as they bring characters to life – as pictured here during our “Monsters Inc” colour war.

We only hire those with previous activity planning experience for our programming staff. (Sports coaches, teacher candidates, etc.) Then, we teach them how to use our original EPIC framework to create programs that will knock your kids’ socks off.

Get a virtual tour

Request more information and we’ll send you access to our Virtual Brochure – a visual walkthrough of our entire program. (A great way to talk about camp with your future camper!)

The Activities

This is a list of some of the activities that your camper may have a chance to participate in during their time at camp:

  • badminton
  • baseball/whiffle ball
  • basketball
  • board & card games
  • boating
  • camp auction
  • camp craft & survival
  • carnival
  • cooking
  • cooperative games & team building
  • dance
  • dodgeball
  • drama
  • drawing & painting
  • fiber arts
  • fine art
  • fire building
  • flag football
  • gaga
  • handball
  • high tech
  • jewellery making
  • Kubb
  • landsports & wide games (capture the flag, etc)
  • leatherwork
  • Lego
  • lip dub
  • macrame
  • mad science
  • makerspace
  • music & singing
  • nature
  • orienteering
  • overnights
  • papercraft
  • pottery & clay work
  • rainbow loom
  • slackline
  • soccer
  • storytime
  • team building
  • tie dye
  • ultimate croquet
  • volleyball
  • water games
  • woodworking
  • yoga