A summer day camp that’s REALLY a camp – all the outdoors, all the adventure in Perth, Ontario

Your child deserves more from their summer camp than just summer-time babysitting. Maple Key is a safe, positive community where we empower your child to develop creativity, confidence, and a sense of adventure.

Your child will build resilience by conquering new challenges in a safe, supportive environment.Your child will stretch their muscles in skill areas often ignored by schools, such as fine arts, music, and woodworking.Your child will rekindle their imagination through innovative, immersive, and original programming.

Every kid deserves to reach their full potential.

Today’s kids face more pressure than we did as kids: Social media & other technology. Social insecurity. Academic stress. Difficulty managing conflicts. Changing social distance protocols. As parents, it’s hard to watch them struggle. We worry about how to help and protect our kids against all of these problems.

We can’t wrap them in bubble wrap…. but we CAN build their emotional armour.

Confident, adventurous kids are more resilient against the pressures of a modern world, and are better equipped to become happy, productive adults.

A place where your camper can thrive

CommunityChoiceRole Models
MKDC is a tight-knit community where leadership, individuality, and family spirit are the most celebrated character traits. We empower campers to choose activities that interest them, building confidence and individuality. We choose only the best staff – most of whom are future teachers. MKDC campers have strong, positive leaders who truly care about them.

Get a virtual tour

Request more information and we’ll send you access to our Virtual Brochure – a visual walkthrough of our entire program. (A great way to talk about camp with your future camper!)
Note: The virtual brochure does not yet feature the Seedlings program.

We know what it’s like

As an elementary teacher and a parent, I understand the challenges that today’s kids face. That’s why I believe it is more important than ever for children to have a safe space where they truly feel they belong. We’ve helped hundreds of kids to feel strong, confident, and more resilient.
We’d love the opportunity to do the same for yours, too.

~ Kristen Widenmaier, BA, B.Ed, OCT
MKDC Owner & Director

Your child can have a complete summer camp experience…
and still be home for dinner.

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Step ThreeRegister and secure your child’s space by completing the registration process online.