A summer day camp that’s REALLY a camp – all the outdoors, all the adventure

Summertime shouldn’t be a source of stress for parents…
or kids!

When your kids have 9 weeks off from school, they shouldn’t waste it away in front of a screen. They need role models and strong supervision. They need to keep their brains turned on.

A camp engaging enough to put down roots

Your child needs a stimulating environment that will also feel safe and secure. At Maple Key, our staff actually facilitate friendships between campers, and our program is designed to keep their brains firing and their imaginations inspired… all summer long.

Confidence Creativity Sense of Adventure

Your child will BUILD NEW RELATIONSHIPS easily, because they are supported by an atmosphere that is completely focused on the value of community.

Your child will BUILD CONFIDENCE while LEARNING SKILLS they aren’t getting from school, such as cooking, fine arts, woodworking & wilderness survival.

Your child will REKINDLE HIS/HER IMAGINATION through innovative, immersive, and original programming.

We know what it’s like

As an elementary teacher and a parent, I understand the challenges that today’s kids face. That’s why I believe it is more important than ever for children to have a safe space where they truly feel they belong.

Your child can have a complete
summer camp experience…
and still be home for dinner.

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Step TwoComplete the Request Form to receive an info package and answers to your questions.
Step ThreeRegister and secure your child’s space by completing the registration process online.