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Name Withheld, 2014

My husband and I want to send you our most sincere thanks. In three weeks, you all totally understood [my daughter] better than seven years of teachers seemed to (perhaps our perception, or larger ratios) and we are thankful she had the chance to go to your camp […] Read More

Name Withheld, 2016

I appreciate the level of security, supervised drop off and pick up. I know my child is in extremely good hands all day and never worry. I really appreciate the before and after care, and its a bonus that there is no extra charge! I LOVE how available Kristen is via website chat line- instant answers […] Read More

Name Withheld, 2016

Great variety of activities. CYOA and majors are a brilliant way to add choice in a structured way. Good mix of indoor, sheltered and outdoor spaces allows kids to be outside, but not in the blazing sun all day […] Read More

Sarah, 2016

What make me so happy with MKDC is that my son comes and goes with a BIG smile on his face, and that I get feedback from the counsellors. Thank you for understanding my sons needs and for accepting him into your program […] Read More

Name Withheld, 2016

My son really enjoyed his first year at MKDC. Your leaders/counselors are upbeat and welcoming. He came home happy every night. the activities are well planned and age appropriate. Thank you for making my son's camp experience great. He has trouble in new settings but seemed very much at ease. I am sure we will be […] Read More

Kim, 2016

[My son] comes home dirty and sweaty and tired! That is the perfect sign of the ideal camp experience! And he really enjoys the counsellors! And the location is EXTRAORDINARY! You know it's a phenomenal experience when you think that he has been there since 2010, and hopes to be there for many more years! We […] Read More

Tammie, Summer 2016

I want to thank you for the wonderful first camp experience that you provided my boys with this summer. We were pretty nervous going into in and neither one wanted to go. Jackson LOVED camp. Everything about it. Loved the activities, all of the counselors and of course Ron. He's a pretty social kid and […] Read More

Name Withheld (2015)

MKDC keeps kids engaged and focused during daily activities. The small group size to counselor ratio is very attractive to me (as a parent) and no doubt results in a better experience for the kids with the individual attention. My son had a good time, and he was in a spot where he clearly felt […] Read More

J. McParland (2015)

So very organized! My girls loved everything, were so happy everyday and very tired ;) Crafts were awesome and Peyton is so proud to have learned to finger knit. Head staff are excellent and super down to earth! They both raved about their counselors. "They are so nice mommy.. I wanna go back." Those counselors […] Read More

Name Withheld (2015)

I think your staff is the best at connecting with kids and really making them feel like they belong. My son loved his counselor. Since starting camp my son is also more outgoing and confident and so proud of the things he made. It is nice that there are many components to camp - it […] Read More