Programming To Match Your Child’s Development

When your child goes to camp, they should have access to programming that meets their specific needs. Four year olds and ten year olds do not enjoy the same things, nor do they have the same attention span. The MKDC program is tailored to fit the age, activity level, and interests of our campers – the program grows as our campers do!

MKDC Kids Choose Their Own Activities

What makes Maple Key’s program REALLY special is that we take every available opportunity to include choice into our program. Allowing campers to make their own choices helps build their confidence and sense of autonomy. From our new Dreamworld program, to Choose Your Own Adventure, to our recently expanded majors program, offering lots of choice allows MKDC campers to tailor their experience to their own interests and keep things exciting, especially for campers who attend the whole summer.

Consistent Groupings

The MKDC summer camp program is divided into several different age groups (listed below). These groups stay consistent throughout the summer, which means that campers will form close bonds with their counsellors as well as the other members of their cabin group. Each age group follows a schedule that is designed to meet the needs of our campers at each stage of their development, while providing appropriate levels of choice.

MKDC Age Groups

Sprouts (Ages 4 – 6)

Shoots (Ages 7 – 8)

Heartwood (Ages 9 – 12)

Leaders In Training (13 – 15)


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