Every Monday is Music Monday – All Summer Long!

Music Mondays All Summer

I am thrilled to announce we are bringing another dimension of music to our program this summer. Faith Hutton will be joining us every Monday to provide a variety of exciting music instruction and activities for each cabin group. As some of you may know, music education is a subject very dear to my heart and it pains me to see this part of the Ontario Curriculum so often neglected and poorly taught in schools. But not at camp! Since I don’t have the time to lead music classes myself at camp, I’m very happy that we’ve found someone so accomplished to join our team. 🙂

Faith Hutton has been a musician and singer all her life – playing drums, flute, saxophone, harp and ukulele – and her work has always centred around children, whether as a KG and Primary teacher, a writer of children’s fiction, an instrumental music teacher, a choir leader, children’s theatre director or creative dance teacher. Faith recently returned from twenty-five years abroad, and is very happy to be setting down roots, once and for all, in her native Ontario!

“I love nothing more than to spend time with children – inspiring, encouraging and facilitating them to be creative and to enjoy making and sharing music.”


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