What will your child do at camp?

The ever-increasing range of summer activities we offer is the backbone of our programming at MKDC. We constantly revise our program and schedules to achieve four goals:

  1. Provide the opportunity to try new activities and skills that campers may not have had access to before.
  2. Support camper development by offering activities that are appropriate to each age level.
  3. Find new and creative ways to allow campers to make their own choices whenever possible.
  4. Serve our campers with programming that is continually innovative, creative, surprising, & challenging.


There are four main ways that campers receive activity instruction at camp:

  1. Majors (Heartwood only) – Our oldest campers receive instruction in their chosen major for the week during the morning each day.
  2. Scheduled Activities (all age groups) – All cabin groups have some activities in their schedule with a pre-determined time and place (this is usually to ensure that all campers get access to popular activities, especially those that require specialized equipment)
  3. CYOA (Shoots & Heartwood) – An afternoon activity that campers choose from each week.
  4. Dreamworld (Sprouts) – A special choice program for our youngest campers that allows them to dream up their ideal camp experience, and staff use flex-time on their schedule to make it happen.

The Activities

Arts & Crafts / Fine Arts

A&C projects are adjusted to match the attention span and skill level of each age group. Mediums include:

  • jewellery making
  • macrame
  • pottery & clay work
  • papercraft
  • fiber arts
  • drawing & painting
  • tie dye
  • Rainbow Loom

Board & Card Games

These traditional pastimes are an integral part of MKDC life; in addition to having fun, campers practice the social skills of taking turns, settling disputes, and sharing with their peers. Campers enjoy learning new games and teaching them to their friends.

Camp Craft / Outdoor Adventure

Camp craft is all about traditional camping skills. Knot tying, pitching a tent, firepit safety, and compass skills are confidence builders that are also becoming a “lost art”. Outdoor Adventure Majors will take these skills to the next level with advanced challenges such orienteering.

Cooking (Camp Chef)

We’re an outdoor camp, and that means outdoor cooking! We not only teach campers to cook a variety of kid-appropriate meals but also how to use an open flame safely. Cooking Majors will learn more advanced techniques such as knife skills and meal planning.

Cooperative Games & Teambuilding

We use cooperative games as an important way of building community and fostering teamwork. We use a variety of unique team building activities including raccoon circles, problem solving challenges, & parachute games.

Dance & Yoga

Dance is a huge part of our culture at MKDC. Every camper learns the dance routines that we use for energizers, including our own special version of the Evolution of Dance. Yoga is a wonderful low-impact way of promoting flexibility, strength, and control.

Drama & Performing Arts

Drama exercises and games are an excellent way of developing confidence and expression. Performing Arts Majors learn to use singing, dance, and acting skills together to perform short musical theatre performances.


LEGO is an amazing tool for exploring creativity. Campers will explore different themes and be challenged to build structures of all sizes with the help of our creative staff!

Music & Singing

Singing is part of our culture at camp and is included in our weekly campfire ceremony. Campers learn lots of traditional camp songs as well as some new favorites.

Mad Science & High Tech

This is not the science you learn in school! Campers participate in a range of fun experiments including making slime, volcanoes, and Mentos gysers. For High Tech Majors, they can also take part in more advanced activities such as circuit building and designing tracks for remote control cars.


Who doesn’t love a good bug hunt? Get outside and experience our own little MKDC garden, and make your own solar tea from the mint growing there. Learn how to make solar s’mores!


A wide variety of sports and challenges are offered daily at Maple Key. Sports include:

  • basketball
  • floor hockey
  • soccer
  • flag football
  • landsports & wide games (capture the flag, etc)
  • baseball/whiffle ball
  • beach volleyball
  • dodgeball
  • gaga
  • ultimate croquet
  • badminton

Water Games

All camper groups participate in daily water activities, which include a wide variety of favourites such as slip n’ slide and sponge wars, but also staff-created originals like water battleship.

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